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Use Cases

Manage all of your affiliates, advertisers, campaigns, creatives and invoicing in one place. OffersHub lets you to monitor whole of your network activities in real-time.

OffersHub lets you organize all of your campaigns and traffic sources in one dashboard. Many media buyers increased their revenue by 30% with our real-time analytics, smart links, and traffic filtering.

Manage all of your campaigns and affiliates in one dashboard while providing a self-service dashboard for your affiliates. Easily monitor campaign performance in real-time, block/filter unwanted traffic and detect fraud activities.

With OffersHub, agencies can manage all of their publisher and advertiser sources with available campaigns in one dashboard. Agencies can monitor all the stats and transactions happening between publishers and advertisers in real-time.

Use OffersHub to track all of your email impressions, clicks and conversions in real-time. We let you analyze your performance in real time so you can optimize your campaigns and boost ROI.

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