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Features Overview

Complete Partner Management Solutions

Use OffersHub to manage your advertisers, publishers and CPA/CPI/CPS/CPA/CPL Campaigns, track their impressions, clicks and conversions, filter and block unwanted traffic, detect, prevent fraud and manage billing.

Smart Tracking Links

OffersHub's unique AI-powered smart links feature allows you to generate maximum revenue by each click you receive by redirecting them to the most suitable and profitable offers with higher conversion rates.

Smart Integrations

OffersHub’s one click offer sync tool enables you to connect your system with 1000+ other ad networks. This feature enables you to explore offers and campaigns from multiple networks from one page and import them into your network. Once you've imported an offer from another network, the system will keep your local campaign updated with the remote network. For example, if the campaign is paused or stopped in the remote network, the same update will be automatically updated to the imported campaign.

Real-time Reporting

With OffersHub’s real-time reporting, advanced analytics, smart notifications and event tracer, you can monitor the whole network live and take actions. That mean fewer losses, less fraud and more revenue.

Robust APIs

OffersHub Robust 2-Way APIs has been built to match all of your integration needs. We offer 3 types of APIs which are network API, publisher API and advertiser API. You and your partners can connect with your system programmatically and build apps on top on that.

Reliable, Secure and Globally Distributed Tracking

OffersHub is committed to delivering a highly secure and compliant environment for our customers. We stand behind our service with an industry leading 99.999% SLA available on selected plans with a 1000x rebate policy. 10+ data centers on 4 continents to ensure a consistent tracking experience for every customer.

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