Quick Guide to OffersHub

OffersHub is a Performance marketing and ad-tracking solution helping you to keep a real-time track over your data and allows networks to manage their advertisers, affiliates, offers etc.

Platform Settings

OffersHub allows you to make the changes in the system environment. You can implement such changes in platform settings.

As we can see, you can make the changes related to timezone, email validation, search bots, IM types and many more.

If you wish to divert your traffic to other offers then you can also set the ‘Global redirect url’ which will help you to save your waste clicks. Sometimes, you might want to send all the postbacks getting from the advertisers into your own internal system for multiple purposes (ex backup, billing, manual verifications or fraud checking, custom affiliate panel, etc) and in such cases you can set the ‘Network postback url’ which helps to send all the postback getting into Offershub to a 3rd party server or service.

You can also set the cookie compliance which is majorly required in EU region.

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