Quick Guide to OffersHub

OffersHub is a Performance marketing and ad-tracking solution helping you to keep a real-time track over your data and allows networks to manage their advertisers, affiliates, offers etc.

General Reports

OffersHub provides you the options to manage all your reports with ease and conveniency. In Reports, you will find various options through which you could manage your reports.

  • Daily Report:¬†This report will display the data day wise. The reports will by default show Clicks in entire day, Conversions in entire day, Revenue generated from conversions, Payout to be made to advertiser/affiliate, Profit made after payout, Cost per Conversion and Revenue Per Conversion.
  • Hourly Report: This report will display the data according to hourly basis. One can see the stats such as clicks, conversions, revenue, payout, profit etc in particular hour.


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