Quick Guide to OffersHub

OffersHub is a Performance marketing and ad-tracking solution helping you to keep a real-time track over your data and allows networks to manage their advertisers, affiliates, offers etc.

Creating an Advertiser Account

To create an advertiser account in OffersHub,  go to Advertiser> Create Advertiser. As first step, all the basic information about advertiser account is required to be added.

The next step is entering the details about Advertiser User.

Next step is security settings where you can enable the postback security key and whitelist the IP’s if needed.

Finally, assign an Account manager to the advertiser and set the status.

After you create advertiser account successfully, you can find the advertiser in “Manage advertiser”. Click on the advertiser name which will take you to the advertiser details page where you can see and modify all the details.

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